About Us

Carlton Inc. is a newly formed traders association for the Carlton business district which aspires to represent the interests and views of our community. Carlton aims to showcase all the great aspects of the Carlton community, including; arts, food, fashion and events. We aim to recognise everything Carlton is offering in real time through a calendar format.

What We Do

We aspire to help connect local businesses of Carlton and foster a positive community engagement throughout the Carlton area. Additionally, providing local traders with a voice and a platform to share their ideas, opinions and recommendations to improve Carlton. With our alliance with the City of Melbourne and its various governing bodies, we have the ability to help shape the future of Carlton. We plan to initiate activities throughout the year that will significantly benefit the traders within the area; such as networking functions, business seminars, public events and markets.

What we can do for your business

“Your exclusive access to anything you need from Carlton”


Carlton Inc. has a close relationship with Melbourne City Council and members of Carlton Inc. will be provided with exclusive information and statistics that are a beneficial tool for your business. We additionally provide a genuine A-­Z directory covering all businesses in Carlton.


Carlton Inc. members will regularly be kept up to date with all of the latest news and events within the area via our email and social media services.


Carlton Inc. members will have the opportunity to be involved with one of Melbourne’s most famous street festivals; the Lygon Street Festa. Members will be provided with a “how to” guide to help them through registration stages and to get in touch with the right people. If you are interested in running your own event; we can help you with that too!


For all members, Carlton Inc. will undertake marketing and promotional activities to convert your target market groups (i.e. residents, shoppers, workers, tourists) into customers. We will be working with some of Melbourne’s best media and PR agencies to increase visitation and exposure to the area. Due to our close relationship with the City of Melbourne municipality, Carlton Inc. can harness a number of promotional opportunities to help support your business or event. There is a large range of ways Carlton Inc. can assist in the growth of your business, from getting involved in the City of Melbourne campaigns to accessing their online and social media channels.


Carlton Inc. offers all members extra exposure through the use of marketing tools and the benefit of utilising our website and social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.